The Trip

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The Trip

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This section covers issues that you will encounter on your journey through Grand Canyon. Topics include The Put-In (with subsection on Safety Orientation), On The Water (with subsections on Safety Orientation, River Safety, and Rapids), Wind, Group Dynamics, At Camp (with subsections on Hygiene and Personal Care, Getting Away From the River, Exchanges, Emergencies, Where to Find Water, Lightning, Life (and Death) of the Party, Flash Floods and The Take-Out).

The Put-In

This chapter includes info on Lee’s Ferry layout, where the boat ramp is, coordinating with the ramp ranger, ramp etiquette, ramp electricity, where the boaters camp is, restaurants, the payphone phone location, ranger contact info, Ravens, mice and ringtails, micro-trash, trash dumpsters, photo ID, cash, boat rigging tips (rig to flip), and Safety Orientation .

On The Water

This chapter includes info on the first day Safety Orientation , River Safety , Trip to Trip Logistics, daily travel distance, daily end of day briefings about next day activities, Rapids, Bow-line Safety , what if your boat gets away, moonlight floats, scouting, Ferry angle discussion, face your danger, righting a flipped raft, and eddy avoidance.


This chapter includes information on how to deal with the wind, both on and off the river.

Group Dynamics

This chapter includes info helpful to those new to the Grand, or any river, including keeping a group functioning, and how to handle conflicts.

At Camp

This chapter includes info on Campsites, arrival time in camp, departure time from camp, kitchen location set up, groover location set up (see Solid Waste Management), sanitation including hand washing, fire pans/wood collection/ash management, Fires, saunas, personal campsite set-up i.e., wind blowing gear away, waiting to set up personal camp until all boat unloading and kitchen set up is done, bathing, nudity, noise (boomboxes), and Hygiene and Personal Car, water treatment and camp equipment.

Getting away from the River

This chapter includes info on micro-trash, resource protection, archeological-site sensitivity, rock trundling, Climbing , hiking (let others know where you are going), "Don’t bust the (crypto) crust" info.


This chapter includes info on hikes in/out heat, time of day, rim logistics, campsites above Phantom, Pipe Creek drop off


This chapter includes info on sat-phone use, helivacs, site selection, water down area, do not approach until directed to by helicopter operators

Where to Find Water

This chapter includes a list (all mileages from Martin/Whitis Grand Canyon River Guide, 2nd edition) of water sources that reach the river and typically don't dry up in the summer.

Illness on the Water including Covid.

This chapter includes information provided by the National Park Service on how to deal with Norwalk like virus attacks.


This chapter discusses the risk of lightning in the Canyon and what to do about it.

Life (and Death) of the Party

This chapter discusses what can happen when you drink too much on the River.

The Take-Out

This chapter covers the Diamond Creek and Pierce Ferry take-outs, with information on Diamond Creek open/closed times, ramp etiquette, Pierce and South Cove take-outs, with info on trailer loading, Hoover Dam issues, and landfill info.

Flash Floods

This chapter covers information on flash floods in Grand Canyon.