You WON The Lottery? Ok, now fill in the River Permit Application

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So you WON THE LOTTERY? Congratulations!

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Now what? More Class VI logistics of course.

You will immediately need to fill out some paperwork and PAY $400 (16 person trip) or $200 (8 person trip) to claim your launch date. Once you have paid your fees and been awarded the launch date, you have some work to do...

You will need to figure out what kind of trip you want to do, who gets to go on your trip, and what kind of watercraft you will bring and how many boats you will bring. See these pages for info on the above critical steps:

Trip Philosophy, Who Is Going to Go?, and Watercraft.

Now what? If you played and WON the annual Lottery held on February for the following year, about four and half months before your launch date, you will get an e-mail from Grand Canyon National Park. It will direct you to the noncommercial river lottery website to begin the paperwork you will need to complete before you can raft Grand Canyon.

We have put together a primer so you can see what the on-line paperwork will look like here:

What Paperwork Needs to be Filled out 90 days Prior to Launch

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