The Place

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The Place

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The Resource

This chapter includes information on the amazing wilderness that is Grand Canyon.

Rafting Grand Canyon

This chapter includes info on where Grand Canyon is, Trip Length, time of year, type of watercraft you’ll see, including Diamond Down, resource books available to assist.

Trip Philosophy

This chapter includes a very important discussion of what kind of Grand Canyon River Trip you want to do.

The Politics of River Running in Grand Canyon

This chapter includes a synopsis of Hijacking a River, with a segue into the latest CRMP. Read all about it in the sections Grand Canyon National Park Formation and the River Corridor, River Management 1970-1980, Strong on Wilderness, River Management 1981-1990, Running from Wilderness, River Management 1990-2000, Wilderness Rekindled and River Management 2000-2005, Wilderness Abandoned Yet Again.

The Dam

This chapter includes information on Glen Canyon Dam, the Dam's impact on the downstream environment, daily and monthly flow report info and daily fluctuations or "tides" info at Tide Tables.

Here's a great two minute video about the magic of rafting Grand Canyon by Michael ONeill. Here's a four minute [1] with more Canyon Magic. Enjoy!