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So, just what DO you do with those boxes of solid human waste? If you have rented these boxes, you return them to the folks you rented them from and they clean them out.

  • South Cove
    Meadview Scat Machine fall 2007.JPG

If you are doing this yourself, and you finish your trip at Pearce Ferry, there is a "SCAT Machine" (toilet wash out) in Meadview on the west side of the road. This machine is free to use and each box may require more than one cycle. Please test the machine first by seeing if it will cycle with an empty box first.

The Mead View SCAT machine is operational after the end of overnight freezing temperatures in March and is removed from service before the first freeze in the fall.

Meadview Scat machine users are encouraged to fill their scat boxes with water once the box is tied into the machine. Allow a few minutes for the contents of the box to re-hydrate before closing the scat machine lid.

It is illegal to leave unattended toilet cans at this location.

Again, this SCAT machine is not operational in the freezing winter months.

Please NOTE: To use this machine, river runners will need their own straps to hold the solid waste container in place in the machine. River runners are also encouraged to try the Scat Machine on an empty container before loading the Scat machine with a full container.

  • Flagstaff Arizona

If you are driving through Flagstaff Arizona, the Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility is now accepting self guided river runners’ solid waste from river toilets. River runners coming to the facility to dispose of the contents of river cans from self guided river trips must proceed to the Administrations building to complete the required paper work and pay the fee of $1.00 per river can.

City staff will provide brief instructions on the proper use of the facilities to those who require it. Wildcat Hill is staffed Monday through Friday from 7:00AM to 3:00PM only. River runners must arrive in time to complete the cleaning of your cans and be off-site by 3:00PM. Cleaning of river cans can not take place outside of these hours.

It is the user’s responsibility to leave the area in a clean and orderly fashion. This facility started allowing solid waste clean out in the summer of 2007, thanks to cooperative efforts between the City of Flagstaff and River Runners for Wilderness.

Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility is located at 2800 N El Paso Flagstaff Road. The Facility is best approached from Route 66 by the Flagstaff Mall. Another entrance is from I-40, exiting at Walnut Canyon Road. Travel north over the interstate to Route 66, then west on Route 66 2.5 miles to El Paso Flagstaff Drive. Turn north on El Paso Flagstaff Road and proceed 1/2 mile to Wildcat Hill.

The Facility may be approached from State Highway 89 southbound by turning left onto Historic Route 66 just past the I-40 Junction. Once on Historic 66, head east on Route 66 to El Paso Flagstaff Road, roughly two miles. Turn north on El Paso Flagstaff Road and proceed 1/2 mile to the Wildcat Hill Facility.

  • Sandy Utah

For folks traveling back to the Wasatch Front, there's a solid waste handling facility where you can clean out your poop can's here:

Cottonwood Improvement District 8620 South Highland Dr Sandy, Ut 801-943-7671 open 24/7, never closed, use the North entrance, and there is a hose on site in the non-freezing months.

WAG-BAG and soiled zip-locks need to be deposited in a landfill that excepts such items.

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