Misc Boat Gear

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  • Strap Bag
  • Oars (4 – 8 parts)
  • Oar Locks plus extra
  • Oar Towers
  • Throw Cushion
  • Throw Bag
  • Water Jugs (5 or 6 gallon-(2))
  • Bilge pump
  • Water gun (optional)
  • Bail bucket (large)
  • Bail scoop (small)
  • Sponge (2)
  • Repair kit (check glue expiration date)
  • First aid kit (check med expiration dates)
  • Life Jackets (1 per person and 1 for the boat, with 1 carbiner or short strap for each jacket)
  • Satellite Phone

As of 3-1-07, here are some Satellite Phone options:

1)Check with your local radio communications store. Look under "Radio Communication Equipment & Systems" in the phone book.

2)National venders, including:

Phoenix, AZ:

http://www.creativecom.com/ These folks rent by the week, Globstar is $49/wk, $1.80/minute, Iridium is $89/week, $1.90/minute, you pay shipping out and back, comes in waterproof pelican box.

PHI SATELLITE PHONES INC., 877-977-6303, 480-206-7369 (cell) contact: Gilbert Welch Located in Scotsdale, PHI is very flexible in ways to get and return the phone. PHI delivers the Sat Phone with a fully charged battery, a backup battery, and a simplified set of instructions (along with the book, too). Iridium Phone cost $55/week + $1.50/minute for out calls. To save $$ you can have folks not on your trip use Iridium.com to send a daily text message (free to send, $1.50 to pick up). This can greatly shorten the # of air time minutes have needed to stay in touch.

Price, UT:

Carbon County Recreation (435) 637-5092, 81 North 200 East, Main Floor Price, Utah 84501 $7/day, $1.25/minute, Discount for multi-day rentals. Call for info. $600 deposit on a credit card.

Flagstaff, AZ:

Canyon REO, www.canyonreo.com which charge $12/day and $2/minute for Globstar, and it comes in a pelican box. If you are getting other services through REO, that cost decreases to $10/day.

Niles Radio in Flagstaff at http://www.nilesradio.com/main.htm Is $5/day, $1.50/minute for Globstar, comes in a waterproof box, and requires a $600 credit card deposit.

  • Tent bag
  • Dry bags (personal and day bag for rain gear--accessible during day)

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