On the Trip Training

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You might ask yourself who needs 'On the Trip Training'? We all do.

At the put-in, you might want to practice hauling yourself onto a boat using a safety line.

Know where the rescue throw-bag is on the boat if your trip uses them. Practice un-clipping it and preparing for a throw before an emergency occurs, including practicing throwing the bag. Practice a few throws to someone in the water or standing near you on the beach to get the feel for force and distance. Everyone, no matter how seasoned, will benefit from a little throw-bag practice.

When it’s hot in the summer, and you are in a calm section of water, check with your boatperson and practice falling out the boat. This will allow you to see how cold the water is, and what it is like to grab the safety line on the side the boat, frame or something on top of the tube. The more you practice this, the easier an unexpected swim will be. You will already know what to do. Clear it with your boatman before practicing.

Do not jump into the river. Unseen rocks below the surface have seriously injured many a diver. Practice getting into the boat from the water. Both swimmer and rescuer can gain good practice experiencing how easy or difficult this can be.

In the photo below, the passenger has fallen out of the boat and the boat rower is helping her get back in... but her leg has slid between the oar and raft. Practice the unexpected, so when it happens real-time you will easily know how to deal with it.

20070331 3421 nancy stuck between boat and oar close up.jpg

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