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Hot drinks are especially important in winter but it's worth doing a check on participants' preferences before you start to pack. Some folks only drink cold drinks. Check on the caffeine/non-caffeine, sugar, non sugar, fake sugar needs.

Many people put a zip lock bag of an assortment of teas, hot chocolate, apple cider in each day box so all of one kind doesn't disappear in the first few days.

In summer, electrolyte-replacement powders are handy to have around. One approach is to have a large insulated jug that is brought out at lunch with juices or electrolyte drinks. If it can be kept relatively cool there will probably be a lot of people lining up and this may be a way of keeping people from getting dehydrated. If there is any left then make an announcement when breaking lunch so people can fill their personal water bottles for the afternoon.

There is a discussion on alcohol (how much, when, where, who) in the Trip Philosophy section. This is as good a place as any to address it again. Will there be group beer/soda, or will everyone bring their own? Some folks put beer/soda in coolers. This can cause the ice to disappear really fast in the summer. You will also need to see if there is space enough in the coolers.

Are you all comfortable with not drinking until you get into camp each night? Are you comfortable with slap-happy drunks during the day, and if not, have you asked about this before your trip leaves Lee's Ferry? If you are going to bring hard liquor or beer, are you going to bring glass containers versus plastic or aluminum? Do you have a way to recycle your aluminum? Are you going to bring a Drag bag to keep your beverages cool in the cold river water or not? How much room is there for cans on boats?

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