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Most river trips will conduct some sort of safety orientation at the Lee's Ferry put-in.

This important aspect of the river trip may be easy to skip since the Lee's Ferry Ranger orientation takes up so much time and everyone is eager to get on the river. Do not underestimate the importance of this orientation. A ten minute review of safety before you push away from the ramp may save a life...yours.

Some things to cover are: Where is the major first aid kit? Where is the major rescue kit? Where is the emergency satellite phone (some trips may bring two)? Where are the ground-to-air radios or signal mirrors (not a requirement but some trips will bring these)?

Your trip may want to review hand signals, who the Rescue Leader is, who the Medical Manager is, and which boats or people would like special attention (perhaps a 14' boat or a kayaker worried about his/her roll.)

You may want to review rescuing someone swimming in the river, boat order, and remind everyone about wearing your life jacket at all times when you are on the water.

Also, don't forget a quick review of resource protection, peeing in the water, hand washing and policing for micro trash.

Some groups will cover groover details and kitchen set up, but others will wait to do this until reaching the first night's camp.

Safety Orientations are a good thing to have if people join your river trip, like at Phantom Ranch or Diamond Creek. They can happen daily, or at the start of the bigger rapids, like at Nankoweap or in the section of river between the Little Colorado River confluence and Unkar or 75 Mile rapids. Look on these briefings as time to communicate, always a good thing.

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