The Politics of River Running in Grand Canyon

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This is a lengthy review of the complicated history of river management at Grand Canyon National Park.

This history is broken into the following sections;

Grand Canyon National Park Formation and the River Corridor

River Management 1970-1980, Strong on Wilderness

River Management 1981-1990, Running from Wilderness

River Management 1990-2000, Wilderness Rekindled

River Management 2000-2005, Wilderness Abandoned Yet Again

The Plan is Litigated and We Lose 2006-2010

The information in the sections above is from ongoing litigation, and is taken from a public document found at this link at

The progress of ongoing litigation can be seen at in the Info section.

For additional information on Colorado River recreational management and the struggle for Wilderness protection for Grand Canyon National Park in the 1970’s, see Hijacking A River by Jeff Ingram, available at or from the publisher at

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