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o what about Whistles?

A whistle is a good tool as it allows you to signal to other river runners around you at a distance greater then the human voice can carry, especially around loud whitewater. A small cord can be used to attach a whistle to your PFD, and should be attached in such a way so that you can get to it with one hand.

A whistle blast typically means there’s a person in the water, and/or a boat flip. It’s a heads-up signal asking everyone to look around and identify the reason for the whistle and take necessary action.

Whistle blasts can also be used to say "Hey, I want to pull over." or "Hey, I am pushing off or here I come." or "Hey, look at me." or "Hey, this is the take out."

Whistle blasts are a heads-up call to all who hear it.

P1020977 whistle.jpg

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