Winter VS Summer

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Winter food.jpg

The Food Pack may vary depending on what time of the year you are traveling through the Canyon.

In the summer, cold soups like Gazpacho can be a real treat. Cold drinks like tomato juice (lots of salt) and electrolyte replacement drinks are also a summer hit.

In the winter, canned hearty hot soups can be great, along with lots of hot drinks. Hot ciders, hot chocolates, herbal and black teas and Coffee can be much desired! Some groups will avoid meals that take a lot of time to prepare. The days are short and some trips may not want to grate potatoes for Hash Browns on a freezing cold morning. Hot cereals can be a good winter breakfast. Any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that takes a lot of time to prepare, may not be a good idea in the winter when the days are short and appetites may be impatient.

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