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30 December 2022

  • curprev 13:1213:12, 30 December 2022RiverRunnersForWilderness talk contribs 2,184 bytes +2,184 Created page with "*Strap Bagright|300px *Oars (4 – 8 parts) *Oar Locks plus extra *Oar Towers *Throw Cushion *Throw Bag *Water Jugs (5 or 6 gallon-(2)) *Bilge pump *Water gun (optional) *Bail bucket (large) *Bail scoop (small) *Sponge (2) *Repair kit (check glue expiration date) *First aid kit (check med expiration dates) *Life Jackets (1 per person and 1 for the boat, with 1 carbiner or short strap for each jacket) *Satellite Phone As of 3-1-07, here are some Satell..."