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Everyone has a little different eating habits. Just like coffee or tea, folks have an opinion, and sometimes folks health will depend on what they eat. Here is a simple form you might want to use to help make sure you have covered your river trip teams food needs.

Food Questionnaire for __________ (please insert name & save with first name)


Check here and send this back if you don't care about the food at all, will eat whatever you are served and NEVER complain: _______


Please highlight any major food allergies, preferences or dislikes:

I have an allergy / food intolerance to __________________

I have a strong preference to __________________________

I am a vegetarian: _______

I eat fish:_________

Having vegetables at every dinner is very important to me? __________

If there is one thing that makes me happy it is ______________

The one thing that makes me upset or not enjoy a food is __________________


Some river trips plan for breakfast is to have hot water available, some generic coffee (good), and a selection of hot drinks. Breakfast will often be a mix of granola / hot cereals, eggs, and pancakes. Most trips are counting on coffee lovers / tea specialty drinkers to bring their own. However, most trips will have the basics.

1. Do you want soy milk or 2% for your granola? Are you a die-hard half & half in coffee person?

2. Do you take sugar in hot drinks? Do you take sugar subs and if so, which type?

3. How much coffee / decaf coffee do you drink? Are you bringing your own?

4. Would you prefer tea or cocoa? Are you bringing your own?

5. Any special fruit requests for the days we have fruit?

6. Do you prefer variety for breakfast or are you happy with one set meal (e.g. oatmeal or pancakes)

7. Anything you love for breakfast (e.g. sausages, bacon, chili, or eggs)


Some river trips plan for lunches is to have a quick to prepare set of deli style lunch items. They will also have ability to make hot water on most winter days to refill thermoses / make hot drinks. Some trip expect every person to bring their own snack foods. Some do not.

1. Would you like lunch meats as well as cheese? If so, which types?

2. Do you like canned tuna or salmon?

3. Do you like pickles?

4. What are your favorite condiments? E.g. how much do you use mustard, spicy mustard, mayo?

5. Do you like peanut butter and jelly?

6. Anything you love for variety for lunches?

7. What are your favorite 3 types of chips?

8. Should we bring group snacks or will you bring your own?


Dinner will typically consist of a Main course, a secondary main (to accommodate all the unusual diets), a protein (e.g. meat), a veggie meat, and often a veggie portion. Remember that as the trip progresses, fresh veggies will diminish.

1. I prefer simple meals over complex meals.

2. Deserts are very important to me . in other words, I want to have some complex deserts (like those requiring baking?)

3. As a meat eater, I want meat most every dinner?

4. As a vegetarian, I want protein every meal?

5. Any special dinner ideas / requests?

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