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Lee's Ferry Overview -2 small.jpg

Lee's Ferry Arizona is the start for river trips traveling the full length through Grand Canyon. Lee's Ferry is in northeastern Arizona, located roughly 14 miles downstream from Glen Canyon Dam and Page Arizona. Follow the signs to Lee's Ferry from Marble Canyon Arizona on Highway 89A. The boat ramp is at the end of the pavement.

There's typically a lot happening at the ramp, and there's not a lot of room at the Lee's boat ramp. On a summer day, there may be as many as six recreational trips attempting to rig. This number may be more if a science trip or other administrative trip is rigging as well.

Another Lee's Ferry Overview.jpg

Here's another Lee's Ferry Overview, showing the long term parking lot and the Lee's Ferry Rangers Station.

Here's yet one more overview with the new Lee's Ferry Shade structure Tom Martin and Jo Johnson of River Runners for Wilderness were instrumental in seeing come to fruition.

Lees Ferry Shade structure.jpg

Keeping a small footprint at Lee's Ferry.JPG

You will want to keep as small a footprint as you can while on the ramp, be courteous and work with others trying to rig their trips.

Once you have rigged your watercraft, you'll want to move them off the ramp and float down to the Boaters Campground just downstream of the Ramp.

Lees Ferry power outlet.jpg

If you have brought an extension cord and a blower to blow up your boats, there's an electric outlet near the Boaters Bulletin Board. You'll want to check out what's posted on the bulletin board. There's typically information there about who is launching at the Ferry, with any late breaking news the Rangers will want you to be aware of.

By the Way, river runners can check to see who else is launching at Lee's Ferry by viewing the on-line Launch schedule Calendar and clicking on the appropriate launch month.

Pre-launch inspection at Lee's Ferry.JPG

You should expect to have a Ranger inspect your life jackets and other required equipment the afternoon before your launch day. This allows you a little window to get what you may have forgotten or are in need of. Please see additional inspection information at Life Jackets.

Two trips orientation at the Lee's Ferry ramp.JPG

The morning of your launch, you will be oriented by a Grand Canyon National Park Law Enforcement Officer. You and every adult member of your river party starting the trip here at Lee's Ferry will need to present a photo ID. Don't forget you will need to show your photo ID!

Last minute rigging at Lee's Ferry.JPG

Once your group has been cleared to launch by the Grand Canyon National Park Law Enforcement Officer, you might want to hold a Safety Orientation before that last minute rush to load the boats and be on your WAY! Then....WAHOOO, We are ON THE RIVER!!!!

We at River Runners for Wilderness (RRFW) are working hard to make sure do-it-yourself river runners have a seat at the river access and resource protection table. You can join RRFW (Membership is Free!) by clicking here.

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